Trina’s Travel Tips (FAQ)

Travel, though fun can be a drag with the 101 logistics that sometimes go into planning your idea vacation.

Here are some helpful tips to maximise on your fun fun fun!

What is the best way to pack?

Light! Always go with the essentials only. Plus this gives you the chance to shop until you drop! Include any medications you or loved one require.

But remember find out about the local climate to ensure your clothing will be comfortable and appropriate.

Where should I go?

Try some place new! Look for somewhere within your budget which will expose you to a new climate, a new culture and may be even a new language!

Should you stay with family or in a hotel?

Hotels are always a great option as long as it fits into your budget. Having no beds to make up, no food to cook and no dishes to wash can really add to relaxation on vacation. Plus hotels allow you the flexibility to come and go as you please.

However if you prefer a more at home feeling, staying with family is always more cost effective. It is also a good way to help strengthen familial ties as you are sure to spend late nights talking, laughing and bonding.

What if you're afraid of flying?

Travel is not limited to getting on an airplane to get from one place to another. A cruise vacation is always an amazing experience. Roadtrips or even taking a train are all experiences which are sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

Will you survive travelling with a baby?

Yes you will! This requires a little more attention to detail and planning to ensure you can adequately take care of all your baby's needs. However it is not an impossible task! While your baby won't remember the trip, be sure to take lots of pictures to show him or her as he grows.


Be sure to send your questions for more helpful travel tips from Trina!